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Organic food bio is your future !

  • Over one million hectares of organic crops grown in 2012
  • A market share nearing 4 billion euros in late 2011, or an 11% increase since 2010
  • All indicators are pointing to double-digit growth
  • 20% of French consume one organic product at least once a week, 6% do so on a daily basis.
  • Shopping baskets are getting significantly diversified : in 2011 the average consumer purchased products from 8,9 different families.

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rganic Farming is a specific mode of agricultural production involving farming practices that are respectful of environmental balances and of the farmers' ability to make autonomous decisions. Being aimed at the preservation of soils, natural resources and the environment, and as a valuable tool for small farmers to maintain their activity, organic agriculture is often seen as a catalyst for sustainable agriculture.
Agriculture Biologique
AB (Organic Farming)

Its distinctive mode of production bans synthetic chemicals and GMOs and relies on the recycling of organic matter, crop rotation and the naturally-occurring struggle among organisms.

Operators at every stage of the organic food industry observe a series of strict standards which give preference to non-polluting processes respectful of the ecosystem.

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